By Don Coons

      Hello, once again, to everyone. Well, here we are at the beginning of another riding season (between the drops).

     This is a tip that I learned from experience. When following another vehicle, be it car or motorcycle, I generally look way past that vehicle so that I can be aware of hazards well in advance. One day I was following a motorcycle at a more than safe distance and looking far ahead as I normally do. The next thing I knew I was closer than I really wanted to be. The motorcycle had downshifted to slow for an upcoming turn. I had no warning and it really got my attention. If he had tapped his brake light it would have warned me and I would have focused my attention on him instead of the road ahead.

     People don't see motorcycles and you need to do all you can to get their attention. After that incident, I installed the brake light modulator. It causes the brake light to flash three times before becoming solid. I'm also a firm believer in the modulating headlamp. Like I said, anything you can do to get attention and make people see you may save you from an accident.

     Another tip..If you wear shoes (I know we all wear boots and never ride in tennis shoes) with laces, be alert. I was only going to make a quick trip to the local market so I didn't change my shoes. When I arrived at the market, I started to put my foot down and couldn't. The loop of the shoelace had looped around the brake pedal and when I started to put my foot down it applied the brake and really got my attention in a hurry. Lucky for me everything was clear ahead of me and I was able to raise my foot back up and accelerate to keep moving while I reached down to unhook the shoelace. This could have been bad had I been in traffic or had no place to go. Tuck those shoelaces in or better yet slap a piece of duct tape over the laces.

     If you have a tip or experience to share that could help others please let me know. You can contact me either via the webmaster or direct at kf6ctj@ispwest.com

     Ride Safe and have a great 06 experience. Each and every ride I take provides another great memory that I can keep forever.


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